Nava Wiegert

I grew up on the back of a horse where I acquired hands that listen.  It is with these keen hands and reverence that I approach our awesome body and its intelligent elements.  


An inventor, designer, and crafter of inanimate objects and experiences, I grew inspired to elevate the potential of our living form.  I bolstered my University of Michigan BFA with LMT licensure via Seattle’s elite Discoverypoint.  Immediately I specialized in a uniquely gentle and elegant form of fascial release and structural decompression by means of twelve months of professional mentorship.  I then gained certification in The Trager® Approach through a pioneering seven-month intensive program led by world-renowned instructors who trained directly with Dr. Milton Trager.  I continue to deepen my understanding by seeking training with the world’s current masters.  As a result of it all, I feel blessed to offer an ever-evolving and exceptional work of healing art.


In addition to teaching alongside my revered mentors, private practice, and serving as Vice President of Trager® Northwest and a Board Member of the Trager® Foundation, I work with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Christine Schaffner as a core practitioner on their world-class healing team at the Sophia Health Institute.