Trager® is a feeling experience.  The attempt to define it with words is an attempt to inspire you to feel what you could be, which is relaxed and vibrant, unified and expanded, surrendered and glorious – all at once.


We do and do and do.  In all our doing we pattern.  We limit in range of motion, ease, and even in the belief of our potential.  We can forget what freedom feels like.  The Trager® Approach reminds the body by distinctively reaching the mind – the subconscious place where tension, pain, and limitation patterns build and nest.  Lulling, rhythmic gestures overcome hardness and holding as peace and ease are invited to become you. In painless passive motion, every cell is asked to reconsider where it is, how it is, and how it might prefer to be.  When your subconscious trusts the relentless suggestions of softness, what you don't need to hold onto lets go at a source level.  The pattern dissolves.  Your known edge expands.  Freedom is recalled.


Shoulders are reminded how to drop, arms how to hang, fingers how to dangle, necks how to glide, spines how to slither, ribs how to rise, bellies how to breathe, hips how to sway, feet how to roll, scars how to yield, bones how to bounce, the mind how to soften. 


Although one session can be profound, results are cumulative.  Each successive session offers deeper depatterning of a limiting state and repatterning of a more optimal state.  Prevailing effects clients report are freedom from chronic pain and tension, easier movement, increased range of motion, an overall lightness of being, a sense of length in limbs and spine, a natural heaviness of shoulders, feeling where numbness was, emotional release, body-mindfulness, fuller breath, more restful sleep, deep peace, renewal, centeredness, joy, and a friendlier relationship with oneself and gravity.


Sessions begin or conclude with simple, near effortless movement explorations that empower you to replace old habits of holding on with new ways of letting go.  A more peaceful condition evolves as you explore:  What could be freer... lighter... easier...?  And what could be freer yet... even lighter... ever easier... effortless?  Integration of this mindful curiosity into your daily life promotes the building and nesting of kinder patterns of moving and being.  When you shift your challenge from how high you can jump to how soft you can land, the feeling of life changes.